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PURE- V4 Ultimate Expansion Board

The PURE - V4 Ultimate Expansion Board is developed in the ITX form factor, so it fits in any ITX case. You have to add your V4/ V4+  and than you can use all great funktions of the V4 and the following functions of the expansion board:


Audio related:

  • 16-bit high-quality analogue audio output, with separate ultralow-noise LDO power regulator. 112 dB SNR, and -93 dB THD. Playback both PAULA AND ARNE audio at high quality!

  • Pass-through of analogue audio out to case 3.5 mm audio jack using the standard case HD AUDIO/AC97 connector.

  • MIDI in/out (serial.device; using beat-buddy format connector due to space constraints).

Serial related:

  • Buffered serial UART in/out for FTDI cable (serial.device), 3V3 only (FTDI cable provided).

  • RS232 in/out (RX/TX lines) (serial.device).

Power control:

  • Integration with standard ITX front-panel case buttons and LEDs.

  • Full hardware cold reset from a single press of the case power/reset button.

  • Full startup/shutdown from the ITX case power button (power removed from V4). Soft glowing LED when the V4 is powered down.

  • LED output selectable for single-led system (combined POWER and IDE access) or dual-led system (separate POWER and IDE access).

  • 12V input from a wide range of inputs: a barrel jack connector (external), ATX PSU connector (internal), or PC peripheral connector ('Molex') (internal).

  • Separate 5V lines for powering the Apollo V4, and peripherals (e.g., USB).

  • Provision of SAFE +5V and +12V passthrough for powering external components like drives/CD-ROMs for the V4.

  • Smart power meter for voltage and current measurement of the 12V supply, and two 5V lines.


  • Passthrough for legacy DB9 mice and joysticks. USB keyboard port from the V4 is accessible directly from the rear panel of the Ultimate Expansion Board.

  • USB mouse accessible via USB header on the board, for connection to case or expander USB ports. Both USB2 and USB3 headers are provided to ensure maximum case compatibility. 

  • Second USB gamepad port provided on the internal USB header, for both V4 and V4+ systems (i.e., it provides the second gamepad port for original V4 board owners).


  • Mini-ITX form factor, for install into any Mini-ITX compatible case.

  • A 3-pin fan header for powering 12V fans.

  • Internal mounting of USB blaster with mini-USB socket on the rear ITX panel, for easy FPGA programming. No more opening of the case to plug in the USB blaster!

  • Internal programming header for on-board microprocessor (3V3 FTDI)

  • Multi-colour LED back-lit V4 logo

  • 1.8" 160x128 pixel colour LCD, with communication directly from the Apollo V4!

  • On-board temperature sensor for system monitoring.

  • A compact-flash extender to enable you to remove and change compact-flash cards without opening the case.

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